Generate Unlimited Leads in Real Time!

  • Our lead generation software allows you to create unlimited campaigns, each with it's own unique set of variables and targeted to your specific requirements. Regardless of what industry you wish to generate lead for our Instant Leads Generator software has been designed to allow almost unlimited variables.

  • In just seconds you can design, and create complete HTML lead capture forms each having unlimited questions and answers using dropdown boxes, radio button lists, text fields etc. Customise each question and answer, set prices based on what answers are selected and then simply upload your pages ready to generate huge profits!

  • When generating campaigns (lead capture pages) you can select both standard data (name, email, address, phone, etc.) as well as an unlimited amount of additional questions/answers and with a simple click of the mouse you can control which questions are exact matched, an exact matched questions allow the customer to select if they want to receive the leads based on what the leads answers on the lead generation form. For example a lead buyer may want only leads that have an income above $100,000, are aged 25-30 and who have more than 3 cats. This feature is limited only by your imagination allowing you to deliver the exact leads your customers require.

  • These days most lead sellers need to segrigate their campaigns, deliver lead based on Country, State, town or even postcode, weunderstand your needs and have designed unique features which allow your customers to receive the leads they are targeting, and pay for only what they need.

  • Generate leads live through an unlimited number of campaigns or simply import a pre purchased list and deliver them as if they were live. You can even import then and sell them via a cherry picker service, allowing your customers to pick and choose leads. You can even automatically change the price of leads over time as they age, or reduce them after each time they are sold.