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Upgrade* to our new all singing and dancing version 9.5!

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July 16th 2010

Instant Leads Generator version 9.5 released.

With a host of new new features, and installation on virtually any server, Instant Leads version 9.5 allows you to generate and distribute more leads, faster with less effort than ever before.

Main Features:

Easy Installation on Most Servers

No Monthly Fees

Built-in Help System and Video Software Manual

Customizable User Interface

Unlimited Campaigns & Lead Types

Generate Live Leads on Websites & Import Lead Lists

Deliver Leads by email, through the Back Office and HTTP Post

Distribute Leads Exclusively or Multiple Times

Dozens of ways to Price Leads (if you are selling them)

Comprehensive Reporting & Lead Exports

Accept or Deny Lead Refunds

Sell Unsold Leads through a Cherry Picker System

Lead Buyer Accounts Funded by Buyers themselves or by Admin

Recruit Affiliates or Generate Leads Yourself (or do both)

Customize Automated Emails  for Lead Recipients and Leads


Video Demonstrations

PLEASE NOTE: The following Video Tutorials were created for previous versions of our software, though they still offer assistance in working with various parts of the software they have been replaced by our new extensive inbuilt help system and live support. While viewing these please understand that the software has been greatly expanded in recent years and so you are not getting a complete view of the software by watching these. We will completely replace and update these shortly.

  • Easy System Setup (2 min 27 sec) WATCH VIDEO

  • See how easy it is to setup the admin console and select vital system components.

    • Basic Statistics (1 min 40 sec) WATCH VIDEO

    • Log in and instantly see all your vital stats, including: User Accounts, Lead Sales, Total Profit, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Sales Levels and more.

      • Lead Filtering (3 min 01 sec) WATCH VIDEO

      • Filter what leads your customers receive, of course you can filter swear words and such, but the filters are much more intensive than this.

        • File Uploading ( 44 sec) WATCH VIDEO

        • Instantly upload your logo to customize your entire back office.

          • Global Customization (8 min 24 sec) WATCH VIDEO
          • In less than the time it takes to make a coffee you can customize our full software system ready to simply turn on and generate your leads.

            • User Accounts ( 2 min 4 sec) WATCH VIDEO

            • User Management, Funding, Payments, Affiliate levels and much more.

              • User Payments (22 sec) WATCH VIDEO

              • See how easily your users can fund their accounts online.

                • User Fields (44 sec) WATCH VIDEO

                • Completely control what data your customers and affiliates enter to create their accounts.

                  • Managing your Current Lead Campaigns (3 min 44 sec) WATCH VIDEO
                  • A complete overview of the Lead Generation system and its functions.

                    • Creating Pricing Schedules (7 min 45 sec) WATCH VIDEO

                    • One of the many amazing features that sets us apart from all other CRM and lead generation software.

                      • Importing Part 1 - Aged Leads WATCH VIDEO

                      • Complete overview of the campaign system and all it's functions.

                        • Affiliate System Part 1 - Lead Capture Pages. (6 min 38 sec) WATCH VIDEO

                        • Creating lead capture pages in minutes, this 4 part video series will show you how easy it is to create complex lead capture pages.

                          • Affiliate System Part 2 - Adding set prices to each answer.
                           (CURRENTLY OFFLINE WHILE BEING UPDATED)

                            Part 2 in this series documents the unlimited methods of setting the end price of the leads based on what answers the lead entered in the capture form.

                            • Affiliate System Part 3 - And/If statements 
                            (CURRENTLY OFFLINE WHILE BEING UPDATED)

                              Part 3 explains how using the new BATA 'and/if statements' to create complex pricing structures. Base on what the lead selects you can increase or decrease prices the end lead data will sell for.

                              • Affiliate System Part 4 - Advanced Capture page redesign tips
                               (CURRENTLY OFFLINE WHILE BEING UPDATED)
                                Part 4 - Now you have set up a unique lead capture page, we look at advanced methodology for creating spectacular addition to your lead capture system.

                                • More Videos Available When You Purchase

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