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Generate All Lead Types   Lead Delivery Software
Generates Live & Aged Leads

Lists of Leads can be Imported

Import Leads and sell as if Live

Recruit Affiliates to Generate Leads

Generate Lead Capture Forms

  Deliver Leads in Real Time

Automated Emails to Customers & Leads

Lead Filters Ensures Targeted Leads

Sells Leads Instantly  

Sells Live & Aged Leads on Autopilot

Built in Buyer's Cherry Picker

Create Multiple Price Schedules

Reduce Lead Prices as They Age

Price Leads Based on Data Entered




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Why choose Instant Lead Delivery System?

Instant Leads one of the most powerful lead generation, and lead delivery systems available.

This unique surprisingly low cost lead generation system, enables you to run your lead capturing, lead filtering, lead selling and lead delivery on complete autopilot.

It's totally unique lead delivery software that enables you to generate, deliver, and sell every type of lead you could ever wish for. It is one of the most effective types of lead delivery software you will find, and it includes a simple yet powerful built-in lead delivery system, and sales lead management system.

The Instant Leads admin panel, affiliate area and lead delivery system is web based and can be accessed through any web browser (including mobile devices). It enables your sales team and your lead clients to respond to their leads the moment a lead submits an application.

Our lead delivery system allows you to deliver leads automatically and directly to every member of your sales force, or you can sell them at whatever price you wish to your lead buyers. Each campaign can deliver leads on an exclusive round robin basis, or you can deliver leads simultaneously to as many recipients as you wish.

Each lead recipient will only see campaigns that you have allocated to them. You or they can also set the exact lead criteria that fits their need, so they never receive leads that are unworkable for them.

For lead generation companies, and all businesses that need to distribute leads to sales teams, the Instant leads lead delivery system has every feature that you could hope for, and could be exactly what you need.


Features include:

Built -in Affiliate System - create a campaign and assign it to multiple affiliates, who can generate leads for you, or do it all yourself

Time Zones - set the time zone for your entire system

Customize Automated Emails  - for lead recipients and leads

Easy Installation - on most modern servers

No Monthly Fees - huge savings

Easy to Learn - built-in help system and video tutorials

Customizable User Interface - create you own unique branded look and feel

Unlimited Campaigns & Lead Types - generate and distribute leads in as many niches as you like

Live and Imported Leads - generate live leads on websites, import leads from CSV files, or even receive leads by http post from other lead companies and sell them instantly (or through the cherry picker)!

Multiple Modes of Lead Delivery - deliver leads by email, through the back office, by HTTP Post, even by SMS (using an email to SMS service)

Flexible Lead Delivery - distribute leads exclusively or multiple times, and on the days and times you specify for each recipient

Flexible Lead Pricing - dozens of ways to price leads. You can even deliver then at no cost to your own sales team

Reporting & Lead Exports - get up to date information on all your clients and lead sales, and export leads from any campaign to a csv file

Lead Refunds - allows your buyers to return leads to admin for refund. Approving or denying a refund only takes a moment

Cherry Picker System - you can sell leads live or through the cherry picker system (or both!). Enables you to sell leads that are aged

Multiple Funding Methods - lead buyers can fund their accounts by PayPal, credit card, wire, or cash

Ping Tree Bidding System - as well as round robin delivery, you can also activate the bidding system where buyers bid against each other, for even greater profits!

Exact Match Zip Codes - lead buyers can enter a list of zip codes and only get leads from those zip codes. Supports both digits and numbers or both (like UK post codes)

and many more...


Instant Leads Generator has won dozens of software awards and has received rave reviews from customers
"Instant Leads Generator is incredibly adaptable, yet easy to use. It's ideal for lead companies, and all business that need to manage leads, and distribute leads to multiple users"  

iPhone Version

A Video Tour featuring Version 10 is coming soon...


Dozens of Awards for Software Excellence

Instant Leads Generator is award wining software. Awards received include the following:








Thank you for everything you have done, your help with everything has been great. After I have watched all the training videos and get this rolling we will talk about customizing some of the programming and adding some features.

You guys really are awesome and if you need any type of testimonials or references please feel free to utilize me.

Thank you,

Jason Palmer


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