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July 16th 2010

Instant Leads Generator version 9.5 released.

With a host of new new features, and installation on virtually any server, Instant Leads version 9.5 allows you to generate and distribute more leads, faster with less effort than ever before.

Main Features:

Easy Installation on Most Servers

No Monthly Fees

Built-in Help System and Video Software Manual

Customizable User Interface

Unlimited Campaigns & Lead Types

Generate Live Leads on Websites & Import Lead Lists

Deliver Leads by email, through the Back Office and HTTP Post

Distribute Leads Exclusively or Multiple Times

Dozens of ways to Price Leads (if you are selling them)

Comprehensive Reporting & Lead Exports

Accept or Deny Lead Refunds

Sell Unsold Leads through a Cherry Picker System

Lead Buyer Accounts Funded by Buyers themselves or by Admin

Recruit Affiliates or Generate Leads Yourself (or do both)

Customize Automated Emails  for Lead Recipients and Leads



Lead Management Software Can Take Care Of Everything

Any business can be competitive and these days, we need all the help we can get. If the work is slow to come in, we go and find it. Acquiring leads area great way to keep the employees busy. Keeping track of those leads is a different story. Who has time to make up reports and make sure the leads are being taken care of? Lead management software can take care of everything.

Each and every lead is a valuable piece of information. Every lead tells a story and every lead has sale potential. Most of the time, leads are not free. Somewhere along the way, either directly or indirectly, someone paid money to acquire those precious leads. Sometimes, leads can be very expensive.

That lead came from somewhere. Knowing exactly how many leads are being generated from each source can help make critical decisions that affect the marketing campaigns and income percentages. Knowing how many leads you receive from each source is crucial information.

Also, some sources can be deceiving to the eye. Some sources may generate many leads for you, but they may include a high percentage of dead leads. What seemed like a good source may not be such a good source after all. Some lead tracking software can help point these things out if it is important to you.

Most importantly, you want to make sure that each lead is being taken care of in a timely manner. You want to be sure that those leads are handled professionally and accurately. Strike while the iron is hot. That is what they always say in business.

Usually, there is some type of process in dealing with that lead. How many phone calls are made? How many emails are made? What is the progress? How many times or days will customer contact be attempted? What letters have been sent? This is the basic element of lead management software.

Tracking the salespeople is another aspect. Who is working on what lead? Who is doing something with them? The possibilities are endless. Should salespeople be able to see other leads from other salespeople? The beauty about using this kind of management software is learning that somebody already answered most of your questions for you. If you use leads, you owe it to yourself and your company to research the available software on the market. A structured database program is the best way to manage those important leads.


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