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May 2011

Instant Leads Generator version 9.6 released.

With a host of new new features, and installation on virtually any server, Instant Leads Generator version 9.6 allows you to generate and distribute more leads, faster with less effort than ever before.

Main Features:

New Admin Campaigns Feature - create a campaign and assign it to multiple affiliates, who can generate leads for you

New Time Zone Feature - set the time zone for your entire system

Customize Automated Emails  for Lead Recipients and Leads

Easy Installation on Most Servers

No Monthly Fees

Built-in Help System and Video Software Manual

Customizable User Interface

Unlimited Campaigns & Lead Types

Generate Live Leads on Websites & Import Lead from CSV files

Deliver Leads by email, through the Back Office and by HTTP Post

Distribute Leads Exclusively or Multiple Times

Dozens of ways to Price Leads (if you are selling them)

Comprehensive Reporting & Lead Exports

Accept or Deny Lead Refunds

Sell Unsold Leads through a Cherry Picker System

Lead Buyer Accounts Funded by Buyers themselves or by Admin

Recruit Affiliates or Generate Leads Yourself (or do both)

Customize Automated Emails  for Lead Recipients and Leads




Lead Generation Software: Revolutionary Internet Marketing Tool

The principles behind lead generation have changed drastically for the better when the internet started playing a vital role in people’s lives. It has revolutionized the way businesses go about their daily activities, particularly lead generation, which is vital to the success of any type of business.

A lot of entrepreneurs have now taken their businesses to the next level by doing most of their marketing efforts online. Lead gen, as it is fondly called in internet marketing circles, is something that businesses should really focus on in order for them to thrive. Without such an effective strategy in place, no business will last long.

For most companies, their first attempts at lead generation is nerve-wracking. You may have experienced this yourself and you may still be experiencing it, especially if you are operating a start-up business. You may be feeling this if you do not have a workable system for lead generation, especially if you are doing things manually. It really is tiring to do lead generation manually, and if you spend a substantial amount of time doing exactly that, then you have a problem.

Online businesses nowadays can do away with doing their lead generation activities manually through the help of lead generation software. Lead generation software revolutionized the way businesses acquire prospects since they allow sales teams to work on autopilot. Having them in place will make the whole sales process like a walk in the park.

Software designed specifically to generate leads will really be able to have a significant positive effect on how your business. They will allow you to more targeted leads than any other means. When they were invented by innovative software developers, they paved the way for businesses to soar high in terms of allowing them to have exponential sales.

How lead generation software work? Since they are designed to be used via the internet, they should comply with all the internet protocols in order for them to be effective. Usually, they come with lead capture pages. They are created in such a way that they are able to capture a prospect’s contact information, like telephone numbers, name, email addresses, mailing addresses, and the like. This data is then filtered through the use of lead generation software, which are normally designed with adjustable settings so that you will be able to customize your lead generation process in a manner that works best for your business and your sales team.

Lead generation software not only helpful in terms of filtering your leads as well as routing them to your sales team. They are also helpful in terms of identifying your problem areas when it comes to closing deals. They allow you to keep track of whatever happens when you try to close a sale, and since they have this feature, you will be able to look for solutions in order to make things right. They come with trending and tracking systems that will help you predict your potential customers’ next steps.

You will truly be able to reap the rewards of lead generation software as long as you get it right. Beware of bogus sellers, and to effectively avoid them, go for those that have great reviews.

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