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Upgrade to Instant Leads v9.6


May 2011

Instant Leads Generator version 9.6 released.

With a host of new new features, and installation on virtually any server, Instant Leads Generator version 9.6 allows you to generate and distribute more leads, faster with less effort than ever before.

Main Features:

New Admin Campaigns Feature - create a campaign and assign it to multiple affiliates, who can generate leads for you

New Time Zone Feature - set the time zone for your entire system

Customize Automated Emails  for Lead Recipients and Leads

Easy Installation on Most Servers

No Monthly Fees

Built-in Help System and Video Software Manual

Customizable User Interface

Unlimited Campaigns & Lead Types

Generate Live Leads on Websites & Import Lead from CSV files

Deliver Leads by email, through the Back Office and by HTTP Post

Distribute Leads Exclusively or Multiple Times

Dozens of ways to Price Leads (if you are selling them)

Comprehensive Reporting & Lead Exports

Accept or Deny Lead Refunds

Sell Unsold Leads through a Cherry Picker System

Lead Buyer Accounts Funded by Buyers themselves or by Admin

Recruit Affiliates or Generate Leads Yourself (or do both)

Customize Automated Emails  for Lead Recipients and Leads



Features Of A Good Leads Generation System

A good leads generation sytem will provide you with good contacts that translate into sales and dollars in your pocket. To do this the system needs to have a number of features.

The less manual effort required, the better the system will operate for your business. You don't want to spend all your time finding leads and have no time to follow up on them. Or, not have the time to convert them into paying customers. That defeats the purpose.

A good system will give you good contact details. Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses that are up to date and correct. It is always easier to convert leads if you can address the prospect by name. Of course, if you don't have the right address your message won't even reach your target.

You need to look like you are the expert in your product or service. People like to deal with the best. Experts know who needs their product and what they use it for. The messages you send need to be professional and knowledgeable to display your expertise. And, they need to be targeted to a relevant audience.

Targeting the best buyers is also important. It is more efficient and more profitable to sell a lot to one person than it is to sell large volumes to many different people. You want to be able to identify those people who will become your best customers and buy in the largest volumes.

It needs to get results. Generating a list of contacts that has a very low relevance or conversion rate is not of much use. When business slows down you should be able to use the leads system to find new prospects quickly and easily. But, it should also be able to simply be maintained during the busy times.

A system that costs a fortune to run uses up profit more quickly than it can be made. A good system makes use of low cost and free methods of contact. Methods that will bring customers to you, rather than ones that require more money be spent on repeated follow ups to close the deal are the best.

A business that relies on current customers alone has a high risk of failure. To ensure success both now and in the future, it needs to continuously generate new prospects without the activity involving a high cost. A practical and profitable leads generation sytem covers all the requirements to continuously find customers and grow the business.


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