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Upgrade to Instant Leads v9.6


May 2011

Instant Leads Generator version 9.6 released.

With a host of new new features, and installation on virtually any server, Instant Leads Generator version 9.6 allows you to generate and distribute more leads, faster with less effort than ever before.

Main Features:

New Admin Campaigns Feature - create a campaign and assign it to multiple affiliates, who can generate leads for you

New Time Zone Feature - set the time zone for your entire system

Customize Automated Emails  for Lead Recipients and Leads

Easy Installation on Most Servers

No Monthly Fees

Built-in Help System and Video Software Manual

Customizable User Interface

Unlimited Campaigns & Lead Types

Generate Live Leads on Websites & Import Lead from CSV files

Deliver Leads by email, through the Back Office and by HTTP Post

Distribute Leads Exclusively or Multiple Times

Dozens of ways to Price Leads (if you are selling them)

Comprehensive Reporting & Lead Exports

Accept or Deny Lead Refunds

Sell Unsold Leads through a Cherry Picker System

Lead Buyer Accounts Funded by Buyers themselves or by Admin

Recruit Affiliates or Generate Leads Yourself (or do both)

Customize Automated Emails  for Lead Recipients and Leads



Benefits Of Lead Distribution Software

The lead generation has never been more active. That's the main reason why marketers deal with a large lead amount every day. Its distribution is vital to the success of the company yet it can be difficult though to salespersons and marketers because it may possibly result to the inefficiency of their organization. What makes this system so important then? What are the benefits of lead distribution software for that matter?

As your company receive a lead, that is considered a commodity that's very much valuable. It needs to be treated with total respect and care. It has to be prioritized and should be contacted quickly because they naturally go cold. They are automatically then sent to the members in your sales team basing on the value and criteria. If you are able to do this fast process, you can transform even more leads to cater to your customers.

The right members in your sales force are routed with the leads for them to distribute it from the outset to success. Usually, others call this process sales force automation or SFA where your sales agents, marketers and sales managers can be able to use.

Without this automated solution, lead management will most probably clutter. The best of this is that it ensures accuracy and efficiency. The benefit of lead distribution software is that, for example, it does not double the marketers or salesperson to handle in just same leads. You can also assure that through this, the action taken for the certain lead will be just the level appropriate for the salesperson's interest.

The work of lead distribution software helps companies that deals with lead generation, the internet lead sellers and the service providers to capture sales right in their landing pages. When a lead is there in your team website or in your office, the software selects the right agent to distribute it. They have their own profile and if one fails to accept within the allotted time, the lead notification is transferred to the next lined agent.

Some successful business in the industry today know that such automation have big impact towards generating profit. The recent studies showed that most businesses do actually waste money for giving the staffs the kind of lead not really allocated to them. When you agree to buy this lead software, it should alert the sales team in case the leads are not anymore followed up.

In fact, research shows that if you can possibly contact within 30 minutes, it can increase the rates closer as much to 40 percent. Significantly, businesses works best if sales team work is there. So you should always see to it that you keep them in the right target.

The investment of money and time is so vital. The quality lead distribution systems will able to help the company in every step to dominate the niche. It should be that leads are given the best attention and prevent sales performers to jeopardize the prospects.

Lead distribution's best type of software filters the work without the requirement for old checking manual process. So why would you spend time to manually distribute leads if the there are the benefits of lead distribution software that can do it even more accurately?


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